Restoring A Salvaged Farmhouse Sink (Video)

If you have an opportunity to salvage an old farmhouse sink, you can follow these four simple steps to spruce it up and keep it from a landfill.

Pretty Up Your Plate With A Mix Of Edible Flowers

Young buds and full blooms can add floral notes to salads, desserts and refreshing teas. Here are some edible flowers to add to your plate this year.

Tips For Getting Started With Strawberries

Homegrown strawberries are a special treat for many gardeners. From when and how to plant them to which types to try, here's how the pros grow strawberries.

Growing In The City—Allotment, Container Garden Or Community Project? (Book Excerpt)

In this excerpt from "The Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening," author Mark Ridsdill Smith explores three methods of growing food in an urban setting.

Prepare & Plant An Asparagus Patch In This Spring’s Garden

Considering adding asparagus to the garden? Provide rich soil, the right pH and adequate drainage and you should have spears for years.

Try Rare, Heirloom & Hybrid Kale Varieties For Something Different In The Garden

Whether you want to grab extra attention at market or simply perk up what's on your plate, these uncommon kale varieties are well worth a look.

This Cool Custom Coop Keeps Things Comfy & Tidy

Jennifer Kutchney wanted an efficient, healthy and attractive coop for her family's first flock of chickens—and this custom coop does all that and more!

Bust Winter Chicken Boredom & Stop Destructive Habits

Winter can bring boredom to the chicken coop—sometimes to dramatic and destructive effect. But these boredom busters keep chickens enriched and healthy.

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