Ask These Questions Before Purchasing Farmland

Choosing farmland is an obvious first choice for aspiring farmers, but it's important to ask questions and choose carefully when making such a significant purchase.

Suzanne Nelson Karreman On Raising Dairy Cows With Reverence

Suzanne Nelson Karreman of Reverence Farms speaks with us about her Jersey cow dairy operation, grazing multiple species and making her way as a woman farmer.

Protect Your Chickens Against H5N1 Avian Influenza

The H5N1 avian flu has been found in the U.S., so flock-keepers need to take these extra steps to protect their chickens against the infectious pathogen.

Make A Spot Of Tall-Grass Prairie On Your Property

Whether you have acres of farmland, a small homestead or an urban yard, it's a great idea to return some of the land to prairie. Here's how.

February Is Frost Seeding Month For Many Farmers

Are your pastures starting to show some wear? Now's the time for frost seeding, a simple and inexpensive method of rejuvenating pastures.

See & Spray Targets Your Weeds—Not Your Healthy Plants  

The John Deere See & Spray is a robotic sprayer that uses deep learning to identify the difference between your weeds and crops, only spraying herbicide on weeds.  

Tips On Selecting Trees For Your Livestock Pasture

Thinking about planting trees in your pasture? There are a number of benefits, though also some concerns. Consider these tips when choosing what to plant.

How To Garden With Success Using An Index Guild

An index guild of plants can help you observe details about plants as they grow, but how do these observations translate to growing success in the field? Let's take a look.

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