Fermentation 101: Getting Started With Lacto-Fermentation

Curious to try fermentation but unsure how to start? Here's everything you need to know and have on hand to dive into the world of lacto-fermentation.

Pretty Up Your Plate With A Mix Of Edible Flowers

Young buds and full blooms can add floral notes to salads, desserts and refreshing teas. Here are some edible flowers to add to your plate this year.

Exploring The USDA Hardiness Zones For Gardening

What do the USDA hardiness zones define? And are they the be-all end-all for determining whether a given plant will grow in a particular region?

Herbs & Activities For Winter Wellness On The Homestead

It's important to maintain wellness on the homestead year-round and especially during winter, so use these herbs and activities to stay in tip-top shape!

Make A Spot Of Tall-Grass Prairie On Your Property

Whether you have acres of farmland, a small homestead or an urban yard, it's a great idea to return some of the land to prairie. Here's how.

Recipe: Fermented Sunchokes With Turmeric 

Sunchokes (also known as Jerusalem artichokes) can be challenging on the stomach, but this recipe for fermented sunchokes is both digestible and delicious.

Tips For Getting Started With Strawberries

Homegrown strawberries are a special treat for many gardeners. From when and how to plant them to which types to try, here's how the pros grow strawberries.

February Is Frost Seeding Month For Many Farmers

Are your pastures starting to show some wear? Now's the time for frost seeding, a simple and inexpensive method of rejuvenating pastures.

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