Check Out Award-Winning Fennel Pollen Honey From Bee Squared

Beth Conrey from the Colorado-based Bee Squared tells us how an infatuation with insects as a kid put her on a path to beekeeping.

Beekeeping & A Permaculture Orchard Direct Beers At Wayward Lane Brewing

Farm manager Andrew Rowles tells us how Wayward Lane Brewing plans to incorporate pawpaws, aronia berries and brambles into 2022's beer selection.

Sankofa Farms Targets Community Food Deserts

Sankofa Farms founder Kamal Bell tells us how his community-focused agenda uses agriculture and education to solve problems in North Carolina.

Bees & Flowers Thrive In Harmony At Palm Pike Apiary

Tasha Trujillo from the Miami, Florida-based venture Palm Pike Apiary tells us how she creates a sustainable synergistic system in subtropical conditions.

Crested Cream Legbars Bring Perspective At Birchie’s Hobby Farm

Christie Birchfield from the Georgia-based Birchie's Hobby Farm tells us about learning beneficial life lessons from gardening and her Crested Cream Legbar chickens.

Sweet Cheeks Farm & Apiary Showcases Magic Of Honey Bees

Allison Tolpa from the New Jersey-based family farm Sweet Cheeks Farm and Apiary tells us how sustainable bee practices bring joy to their community.

How To Purchase Bees For A New Or Expanding Hive

When you're ready to start keeping bees (or want to expand your colony), you can purchase a package or nuc to establish your hive. Here's how.

Beekeeper Erika Thompson Proudly Feels Emotional About Her 5 Million Bees

The Texas-based TikTok sensation tells us how humans could learn a lot from being more like the 5 million bees she keeps at her Austin home.

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