What To Look For When Buying A Bull

Buying a bull for a cattle herd can be daunting, but look for these traits when you open a catalog and be ready when you head to the sale.

Pursuing A (Literal) Dream Of Living The Farming Life

Instead of plowing through work, Dave and Anna Pié (and their three small children) took up the yoke to seed a new life farming in Eastern Ohio.

Best Practices For Livestock Birth Season

Spring is delivery time on the hobby farm, so here are some considerations to make sure you're ready for livestock birth and the arrival of baby animals.

Suzanne Nelson Karreman On Raising Dairy Cows With Reverence

Suzanne Nelson Karreman of Reverence Farms speaks with us about her Jersey cow dairy operation, grazing multiple species and making her way as a woman farmer.

How To Water Pigs: Equipment Tips, Winter Care & More

Providing pigs with water can be a challenge, but careful equipment selection and best practices can help–especially when winter temperatures drop below freezing.

3 DIY Livestock Handling Facilities That Inspire

You don't have to break the bank to have a functional livestock handling setup, as these three diverse, DIY-designed facilities prove.

Is Your Ewe Or Doe Pregnant? Here’s How To Know (Video)

Right now, every shepherd and goatherd wants to know the pregnancy status of their ewes or does. Here's how to check and what to do if they aren’t.

How To Treat Hypothermia In Newborn Lambs

What should you do if signs indicate one of your newborn lambs has hypothermia? It's important to act quickly; these steps can help you save a life.

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